Hands Together in Flatrock

This past Saturday the Hands Together in Flatrock festival was held at Coleman Park and was a big success. Unfortunately I didn't get to attend because of illness. One of the main persons in charge of the event Thomas C. Weber told me it was a great time and a wonderful opportunity for people of all the different cultural backgrounds that are woven together in the neighborhood to come together. The festival featured ethnic music, dancing, food and art from all over the globe. What really has made the festival unique, and impresses me still, is the fact that there was no corporate initiative and no government help. The festival was totally organized by a group of residents and that live in the area that wanted to do something special in their community, and they have big plans to take the idea even further. I'm happy that Familytree could assist in bringing their concept to reality. What started out as simply a logo design for the festival turned into posters, tshirts, banners, stickers and ads. The committee couldn't tell me enough how much all the collateral Familytree created helped them in securing sponsors and donations, but also how much interest it aroused in the community. In many ways the design made it real for them and the community. You can see pictures of the festival by Amy Stuart on flickr.

Posted on May 30, 2008 and filed under Blog.