An Interesting Observation

I recently took a trip to a local wine shop to do a little research for a project I'm working on (sometimes "googling it" just doesn't cut it). Among a few different forms of research I was conducting I wanted to get a feel for a small sampling of current wine labels and what they were doing in terms of design. I explained what I was doing, and the storekeepers were very friendly and helpful. Even though I was already stocked at home, I decided to buy a bottle as a token of thanks for letting me mull aimlessly around their shop. As I was checking out the cashier explained just how much they saw an impact in sales based on label design. I mean as a designer I should know it to be true, but it was still remarkable for some reason. They said the bottles with the more interesting labels sold a lot more than those with poor design. I guess if you need evidence that graphic design is a sound investment, you now have it.

Posted on July 2, 2008 and filed under Blog.