111 Archer Ave Print in Top 10 Posters on Adventures in Design Podcast

Every month on the Adventures in Design Podcast, Mark Brickey and Mitch Putnam sit down and review the posters for the month that have been posted on the art blog OMGposters.com, and Mark chooses his top 10. For August my 111 Archer Ave print was named as no. 3, which is a huge honor! All the art is absolutely amazing, and I can't believe mine was named so high on the list. I think it was probably a mistake. You should definitely check out the podcast if you aren't already a fan. It's a great source of information on design, illustration, pop culture and the business of art. You can listen to the episode below, but make sure to subscribe on iTunes, or you can even become a Circle of Trust member of the podcast and get bonus content. Be sure to also check out OMGposters.com as a great resource for amazing art.

Posted on November 4, 2015 .