Featured Art Print: The Intrusive Tale of Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Turns out our favorite bear family started out as three bachelors. And our favorite mischievous blonde wasn't even blonde! Or young! She was an old, ugly woman. Somehow "The Story of the Three Bears," the original title of arguably the most popular fairy tale, isn't that intriguing. 

But that's how it started with British author Robert Southey first publishing the widely told tale "The Story of The Three Bears," in 1837. From then the story evolved several times most notably in 1849 when author Joseph Cundall changed the antagonist from an old, ugly woman--he felt there were too many stories that centered on old, ugly women--to a pretty little girl. It wasn't until the early 20th century that this pretty little girl was named Goldilocks and the three bachelor bears became "Father, Mother and Baby Bear."

Early illustrations of Goldilocks and The Three Bears are quite serious and literal--no fun at all in our opinion. With our Goldilocks and The Three Bears art print, the goal was to find a fun, whimsical portrayal of the bears--not too serious like the original prints and not so too cartoonish like modern illustrations.

Like the other art prints in our Fairy Tales poster series, our Goldilocks poster, drawn by artist Julian Baker, is illustrated in our signature mid-century inspired style and features the orange and blue color palette. 

Posted on June 30, 2015 and filed under Illustration.