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Parnassus Books

Parnassus Books: Branding and web design We're really excited to be on board working with Karen Hayes and Ann Patchett creating the branding for Nashville's only independent bookstore.

Parnassus Books logo design by Familytree

Parnassus Books website design by FamilytreeParnassus Book JR. LogoParnassus Books Tote Bag

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CMA edu logo

Country Music Association: CMA EDU logo

CMA EDU is a program that provides undergraduate college students with a hands-on opportunity to enhance their skills in marketing and promotion in the music industry. Familytree designed this logo and treatment for the Country Music Association to speak to the college students that would be enrolling in the program.

CMA EDU logo

CMA EDU logo

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2010 CMA Music Festival Poster

Country Music Association: 2010 CMA Music Festival Poster This illustrated poster was created for the attendees of the 2010 CMA Music Festival. The event was originally started in 1972 and was then called "Fan Fair." Since then the festival has grown larger every year and attracted attendees from all over the country. The Country Music Association wanted to express the wealth of heritage that past and present performers have added to the festival over the years. Their concept was ironically a "family tree" consisting of the names of those many performers. There are over 200 names in this illustration, almost 40 of them drawn by hand.

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Jimmy Franks Luxury Homes

Jimmy Franks Luxury Homes : Identity Established luxury home builder Jimmy Franks has been developing award winning custom estates for almost 30 years. Familytree helped him take that wealth of experience and give it a cohesive brand that would speak to his upper class audience. Metallic inks and tactile papers reinforce the brand's attention to detail and commitment to quality.jimmy-franks-logojimmy-franks-business-card-front2jimmy-franks-business-card-backjimmy-franks-letterheadjimmy-franks-website

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Nashville Arts & Entertainment 2009

Nashville Arts & Entertainment 2009 For the 4th issue of Nashville Arts & Entertainment magazine, Familytree was asked to come back on to the project for the second year in a row. Familytree provided art direction, graphic design, and even some photography to this year's issue. We also worked closely with the editor and publisher to make sure that everything was on schedule and looking great.



KEXP postcard

KEXP: Postcard

KEXP Seattle has been a providing creative inspiration during work time for the staff of Familytree before Familytree even existed. Obviously then it was an honor to be able to donate creative talent to such a great radio station that is listener supported and non-profit.



Phyneas: Full Identity Campaign Web Development company Phyneas has a real knack for taking their clients to the next level. Their approach is very hands on and they get directly involved with the clients real world business goals. It's a strategy that works both for them and their clients. Famillytree helped them build a brand that communicates these core competencies in a fun and approachable way. Another important aspect of the brand was to educate Phyneas' potential clients on the fact that they do more than simply put together a website. They work with the client every step of the way to make sure that they are getting what they want, and seeing results.

Project included: Branding, design, illustration and copywriting.


Fuzzell Wedding Invitation

Brian Fuzzell + Marie Yarbrough: Wedding Invitation Friends Brian Fuzzell and Marie Yarbrough have been big supporters of Familytree. Alex has worked with Brian at two different design companies, and is also a big fan of Brian's band The Nobility. Brian came to Familytree to get a non-traditional wedding invitation, something that wasn't expected, but not too out there. Both Brian and Marie are creative and unique people and getting the invitation right was definitely important. Using the wedding's date as an inspiration, a beginning of Spring theme was chosen. All four pieces were hand drawn and screen-printed, giving them a very warm and tactile quality. Brian and Marie were thrilled and a number of recipients were pretty excited about the design as well.


Diagram of a 10

Bankjobs ER : Illustration This illustration was created for the Bankjobs ER debut campaign.  Familytree helped Bankjobs develop their concept of hiring only 10s. A"10" being a firm's perfect employee with all the positive attributes that make a great hire. This illustration appeared on the cover of a large format brochure, postcards, magazine ads and on the Bankjobs ER website.



Nashville Arts & Entertainment Magazine For their third annual issue of NAE, the Glover Group was in need of a major design overhaul, without alienating their current consumer base. A rotating cast of designers, fonts, styles and late deadlines had characterized the previous issues and had left the publishing company wanting more direction and dependability this time around. Familytree was more than happy to step up to the plate. A cohesive and modern style was put into place to appeal to both younger and middle-aged audiences. The end result was a happy client with files to the printer before their deadline.


Thornton Photo

thorntonphoto-large.gifThornton Photo : Logo Friends and colleagues Phil and Mindy Thornton have been having some great success in the wedding photography business. This logo was proposed for their new branding campaign.

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Theory 8 Show Poster

cigarette-large.jpgTheory 8 : Show Poster To promote one of their newest artists, Caitlin Rose, Theory 8 Records commissioned Familytree to design a show poster. The art is inspired by Bill Callahan's smoky deep voice and Caitlin's self-proclaimed love of smoking.

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My Feet Have Failed Me

devil-shoe300.jpgLipstick Magazine : My Feet Have Failed Me Commissioned to accompany an article written by a woman who could not quell her desire for flashy high-heel shoes, and is now paying the price for her temptation. The article is somewhat of a warning to her younger readers to avoid the path she has taken.

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Milligan Massage

Milligan Massage Medium Milligan Massage : Logo + Identity 

Created for massage therapist Ashley Milligan-Parks. I decided early on the logo should only consist of typography. The goal was to create a logo that was attractive but also convinced the potential customer of the elevated quality of care they would receive.

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