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Introducing The Grand Budapest Hotel Art Print

Once again I've been invited to participate in the annual "Bad Dads" group art exhibition in tribute to Wes Anderson. For this year's exhibition, I've illustrated the hotel from The Grand Budapest Hotel movie. Get it in the shop here.

As with The Belafonte art print, The Grand Budapest Hotel poster is another highly detailed illustration focusing on the architecture from the film. I really love the attention to detail in Wes' films, and it was a blast to research. I put quite a bit of time into getting all the little things right, so I hope you enjoy.

By now it must be obvious how much fun I have creating Wes Anderson-inspired art. Once again I have also created a video recreating a scene from the Grand Budapest Hotel to accompany my illustration, and explain all the details of the print.

Posted on November 28, 2014 and filed under Illustration.