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The Belafonte - Bad Dad's

The Belafonte by Alex Pearson
The Belafonte by Alex Pearson

My print contribution “The Belafonte” to Spoke Art’s Bad Dads show sold out pretty quick, but fret not! I will be making another edition available here on Familytree after the show ends (end of Nov / beginning of Dec). So check back soon or signup for the email list, or follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to know exactly when it's available.

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Need it by the 25th?!

If you want to ensure your order will be received by the 25th then you'll need to use US Express Mail. Service is overnight to most destinations, and the Post office will even deliver on 25th for Express. Cost for this is $25. If you are interested in this please contact me directly at After you complete your order, please let me know that you need it fast! And you will also need to send an additional Paypal payment of $18 to to cover the Express Mail cost. Last day to order and receive by the 25th is Friday December 23rd.

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There's still time to get your order by the 25th!

We send all our Domestic shipments using the US Postal Service Priority Mail. That means you'll get your order in 2-3 days from mailing, and we almost always send out orders the same day, as long as they are placed BEFORE 2pm CST. So although the post office doesn't guarantee that time frame, they are usually quite diligent. Orders placed as late as December 21st still have a chance of getting to you by the 24th. Cutting it close... but it's possible. If you really need peace of mind then you'll want to go US Express Mail. Service is overnight to most destinations, and the Post office will even deliver on 25th for Express. Cost for this is $25. If you are interested in this please contact me directly at

International shipments are another story... generally to EU and Great Britain it takes about two to three weeks. Other parts of the world usually take longer. So keep that in mind when ordering.

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Cyber Monday One Day Only Deals

Monday 11/28 get really great deals on all posters and art prints from Familytree. All Monster Friends are only $15 for Individual posters, and $60 for 4-poster sets. Brand New Art Print "A Ride Through Town" is only $25, normally $35. This is a one day deal only and expires at midnight Monday night.

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Internship Opportunity

Familytree is looking for someone to help out with various tasks starting immediately. This is a temporary paid position for the month of August. The ideal candidate will have:

  • Their own computer with Adobe Creative Suite (preferably a laptop)
  • To be able to work at the Familytree office no less than 10hrs per week (preferably more)
  • A strong portfolio reflecting an understanding of design and composition
  • A working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Illustration or drawing skills a plus
  • Web savvy Social media knowledge
  • A self-initiated entrepreneurial spirit
  • Be able to work around an office cat
  • Be fun to work with

The types of things you will most likely be doing

  • Assisting with editorial magazine layout
  • Assisting with Web design (programming not necessary)
  • Assisting with Branding/logo design
  • Marketing research to help promote Familytree
  • Managing and shipping Familytree store orders
  • Helping prepare and run a booth at Tomato Arts Fest
  • Other misc tasks

Familytree is a very small business and you will be working directly with the owner Alex Pearson in his home office in Nashville, TN. Scheduling is flexible (I don't like getting up early either).

If you think you are the ideal candidate please send an email to with a subject line of "Internship Application". Email must include 1) a written statement of why you think you are the ideal candidate  2) something interesting or funny about yourself 3) your résumé and/or schooling history 4) your portfolio. Portfolio may be attached images, or a link to an online portfolio. Do not send physical résumés or portfolios. Please do not call or email a followup about the status of your application. If you are chosen for an interview you will be contacted.

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Inexpensive Framing Options

Have your prints been sitting in the corner just waiting to be able to proudly hang on your wall? It's fun to collect prints, but sometimes framing them can be a pain, and not to mention expensive. Especially when you are dealing with a non standard size.

Framed Yeti Monster Friend

In the picture above you can see how the Monster Friends hang at the Familytree office. And believe it or not it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

The picture frame was purchased from a local Hobby Lobby for about $16, but you can no doubt find similar at IKEA, Target and Walmart.  This frame (18" x 24") is much larger than the print (12" x 18"). But this size is perfect because it gives an even 3 extra inches around the artwork on all sides, lots of breathing room.

Next you'll need a matte. I had Hobby Lobby make me a custom one, because they didn't offer any pre-cut mattes that fit this size. I went for the Archival acid free, which cost about $20. So all together, only about $36. Not bad considering custom framing can usually be in the hundreds.

Now lets say you want to spend even less... No problem. You can get a smaller frame without a matte that fits the art exactly. I found a reseller on Amazon that sells 12" x 18" frames between $7.50 - $11.50.

Apartment Therapy has a great resource on where to get quality poster size frames here.

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Monster Friends: Reprint

Many of you may be wondering, "Why can't I buy a poster?!" Well we actually sold out every single poster in only 3 days, but don't fret... we've planned a special edition reprint. This version will have a new color introduced, and be just as awesome as the originals (if not more awesome). We're going to be working around the clock to get this done as quickly as possible, but you should be able to pre-order the new edition later this afternoon. Probably around 4pm Central time. So keep checking back, and in the meantime, join the mailing list to get the latest updates on the special edition reprint, as well as the next series of all new Monsters.

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Flood relief poster

Friend and colleague Phil Thornton of Phindy Studios and called me late Wednesday afternoon with a proposition. He wanted to sponsor a poster for the purpose of selling to raise money for recent Tennessee flood victims, and asked me if I would create it. I was immediately on board. Phil soon came up with the wonderful tagline "You Can't Keep a Good Town Down." Which I think most people will agree, sums up the attitude of everyone in Nashville over the past week. I had a wonderful time working on this and was glad to be able to donate my talents to a great cause. You can buy the poster from ALL of the money you pay goes to Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund


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Familytree in Print Magazine

print-mag-46812Work by Familytree has been featured in the 2009 Print Magazine Regional Design Annual. Print Magazine has been featuring the most comprehensive survey of graphic design in the United States since 1981. The winning entry was our 2009 self-promotional poster that was sent out to potential and current clients. Obviously it is not only exciting, but an honor to be featured among such other great work from all over the country.

See more images after the jump



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Case Study: Nashville Arts & Entertainment Magazine

Nashville Arts & Entertainment cover spread

Familytree was honored to be asked back on to this project for the second year in a row. Designing an entire magazine is no easy task, and without a centrally located staff, things can get trickier. To combat this problem Familytree set up a collaboration site using Basecamp. This allowed a remote staff of 8 writers, 2 photographers, 2 editors and our publisher to seamlessly share files, notes and proofs.

The result?

Well the proof is in the pudding. Familytree managed to finish the project on time despite there being a 2 week scheduling conflict in the middle of production. That's the kind of thing that would kill most projects. Or the kind of thing that would end up in rushed work with sub-par results. We didn't skimp on concept or design. Take a look for yourself. You can see the entire project here.

Case Awards

case-awardSaturday night was the first annual Case Awards sponsored by AIGA Nashville. Familytree took home two awards; one for the Make-Out with Violence movie poster, and the other for our 2009 self-promotional poster. It was nice to be able to meet some new local designers and see all the great design that is coming out of Nashville.

Meet Thom

Familytree is happy to welcome Thomas Russell aboard as our new web developer. He is going to play a vital role in assisting our clients not only build their websites, but also to effectively market their sites, and in building traffic. Thom is skilled in custom programming solutions, wordpress themes, and web performance analysis. Basically he rocks.

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Alex interviewed by 105F2

If you would like a little more insight into the creative mind behind Familytree then hop on over to and read Alex's interview there. He was honored to be chosen as the artist pick of the month, and also quite surprised. Big thanks to Tara Jo Kirk for setting the whole thing up.

Site updates...

If you are noticing that the thumbnails are looking crazy or inconsistent, please bear with us. They are being updated as we speak. Thanks

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The Future of Print

ripcmyk2.gifWhile those of us in the design and printing industries have been wondering about the future of printed media for a few years, almost everyone is noticing that newspapers are teetering on the brink of becoming obsolete. Print journalism is especially susceptible to the current economic lulls, and the world's changing attitudes toward media delivery. The 100 year old Christian Science Monitor recently announced that they will no longer produce a daily printed newspaper starting later this year. Instead they will serve instantly updated news through their website, while still producing a weekly printed newspaper. This has been viewed by many as the writing on the wall for print journalism. Granted print journalism does have some inherent weaknesses when competing with the web, modern cell phones and instantaneous delivery methods. But what about the rest of the printed world as we know it? Books, magazines, letters, cards, brochures and so on. We've already seen a serious decline in hand written letters which have been replaced by emails and text messages. You can download books on your iPhone or Amazon reader thingy (both seem ridiculous). You can send your friends e-cards instead of writing out a thank you. Many companies have made their brochures available online in the form of their website or a downloadable PDF. So is that it? Has print become too costly, slow, clumsy and irrelevant in our hyper-digital age? No. In fact, I think current trends will eventually prove the true value of the printed page. The real determining factor is disposability. Is the message or content disposable? Do you want your message to be forgotten in 15 minutes or have the potential to last for many years? Case in point: 50 years from now do you think anyone will be reminiscing over text messages the way we do now over a box of old love letters? Will students be studying brilliant pay-per-click ad campaigns of the 2000's the same way they drool over Russian propoganda posters of the early to mid 1900's? One very fascinating point that Walter Isaacson of Time magazine made on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart earlier this week was this: If the only way you had ever received any information, media, or news was through a digital box or screen, and then one day someone invented this neatly printed package full of information that was delivered to your door which you could flip through at your convenience and put away and save you would think "this is amazing!" It may sound far fetched, but I think he's totally right. Digital media is convenient,  fast and often times dazzling, but it is also fleeting. There is an undeniable comfort factor in knowing the pages of your favorite book, or last week's newspaper, will be exactly the same next time you pick it up.

Despite its lack of romanticism digital media is not going to slow down anytime soon. It gets the job done, and gets the information where you want it. Printed media is definitely going to start becoming more and more rare. But in this process the printed page, the printed poster, and the hand-written letter will become more and more valuable. Not necessarily in dollars, but in the eyes of the beholder. Anything actually existing in time and space has the potential to have far greater value and lasting impact (to the individual) than another piece of data that is just a single grain of sand in the universe of information we know as the internet.

So how will this affect marketing and design in the future? With the ever-growing amount of cold and impersonal forms of communication, educated consumers will be impressed by companies that put forth the extra effort. The more rare the printed page becomes, the greater the upper hand becomes of those who use it.

It can also be looked at like this: A company is like a young man looking for love; clients, customers and investors are the girl he is trying to woo. He's got to make that girl feel special, and if he thinks a few text messages and an e-card will do it, well then some other guy is gonna show up out of no where and sweep her out from under him with mix cds, flowers and love letters. The bottom line is this: print is tangible and concrete, it takes more effort to create, but is inherently more valuable and lasts longer. As long as humans have physical bodies, print won't be going away anytime soon.

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Goodbye 2008

So we're already almost two weeks into this new year, and it's time to think about the one that has just past. 2008 saw the birth of Familytree, and decided to treat it pretty well. I for one am thankful for that. Despite crazy economic times this ship is still afloat and doing quite alright (actually exceeding our goals). I'm not sure how many people can say the same. The projects have been fun, challenging, even frustrating, but most of all rewarding. Any year that you can support yourself doing what you love is a good year, even if it seems like it might all fall apart. To all our clients: thanks for a great year, and to everyone else... what are you waiting for?

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