Visit the Familytree Booth at Porter Flea Market

This weekend I'll be participating again in the summer Porter Flea Market. This is a fun Nashville pop-up event that features independent artists and designers. At this year's summer market more than 90 vendors will be in attendance, and no doubt it will be a rocking good time.

Each year I try to make it to a handful of events--it's great for me to get out of the studio and hang with both fellow artists and meet tons of people that are interested in what we do. As always, I look forward to seeing friendly familiar faces (you should meet these peeps too): shoutouts to MID, Meat and 3 Printing Co., Boss Construction, Steric Design, & Holler Design. I hope to make some more creative friends too out of this year's star lineup (lots of new businesses I don't recognize yet!).

If you're in Nashville June 5-6, you should definitely check out the Flea, you won't regret it. And if you do make it, be sure to come by the Familytree booth to say hi. I'll be the tallest dude with glasses there, and probably some sort of plaid shirt on (see above photo for reference).


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Back by Popular Demand: The Belafonte Poster

We're happy to announce that we've reprinted--again--one of our most popular original art prints, "The Belafonte." 

If you're not familiar with this poster, it is a 4-color 18"x36" screen print on 100lb bright white paper. The subject of the print, is the ship named the Belafonte, from the 2004 Wes Anderson movie, "Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" starring one of America's greatest comic actors, Bill Murray as Steve Zissou, an oceanographer aboard the research vessel the Belafonte.

Needless to say, I am a bona fide Wes Anderson fan. So when I had the chance to create something for Spoke Art's group art show, "Bad Dads: A Wes Anderson Tribute," I quickly picked the Belafonte from my favorite movie.

The Belafonte turned out to be a great subject for a poster. As you can see in my making-of-the-Belafonte video, this was truly a fun assignment for me. I am kind of a nut for getting into tiny little details, and I love the "dollhouse" effect of The Belafonte cross-section in the film. That particular scene of the movie always stuck with me. So recreating it was a blast.

Spoke Art's group exhibition continues to be a smash every year. If you too are a Wes Anderson fan, be sure to check out the other contributions--from prints to paintings to sculptures--as well as my other Wes Anderson inspired original art print, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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Reflecting on the Nashville Flood of 2010 - You Can't Keep a Good Town Down

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of the May 2010 Flood in Nashville, TN. I remember that weekend quite vividly. Not only did it rain, rain, and rain some more, for two days straight but what compounded the problem was the opening of a dam at a highly inopportune time, raising water levels downtown 40 feet. I decided to head over the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge (pictured below) from my apartment, and survey the damage to downtown. It was absolutely surreal. This was the kind of thing you see on the news, not right in front of you. Not in your hometown, but there it was and it was devastating.

Image I shot May 3, 2010 at 2nd Ave and Broadway

Image I shot May 3, 2010 at 2nd Ave and Broadway

May 3, 2010. View of downtown 1st and 2nd Ave between Broadway and Demonbreun. Shot from the Shelby St. Pedestrian Bridge

May 3, 2010. View of downtown 1st and 2nd Ave between Broadway and Demonbreun. Shot from the Shelby St. Pedestrian Bridge

The entire area surrounding Nashville was affected, thousands and thousands of homes were flooded. I personally was able to help a few friends and people I didn't even know clean out their basements, throw out items that were ruined, and even do a little clean up and repainting work too. I was glad I got to help, even if it was just a few people, it felt really good. And the appreciation they showed made it even better.

The day after the flood my friend and colleague Phil Thornton called me up and asked me if I wanted to help make a poster to sell to raise money for families affected. He had a great tagline, and asked if I would illustrate something. I said of course, and got to work immediately. A day or two later the design below is what I created. Midtown Printing donated all the printing, and Phil sold around 100 copies and raised over $2000, all of which we donated to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to help families affected by the Flood.

Creating this poster and the positive response it received was also a turning point for me personally. I had never made anything that people seemed to care about so much, let alone buy. Making this print and seeing the response it got gave me the courage to later make, promote, and sell my first self-produced print series, Monster Friends. I had already started working on the illustrations at the time with my fellow artists, but this experience made me realize that I might actually be to able sell them... and I did, and then reprinted them, and sold even more. Since then I've made numerous other prints, and supported myself doing it. The Nashville Flood was a great tragedy, so many people lost so much. But I got to help with my own hands, and also by making this print. In a way it was the first domino in a series of many that changed my life, and put me on a whole new course. One which I am very thankful for. 

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Rudie's Seafood and Sausage


When David Mitchell, owner of Mitchell Deli and co-owner of Village Pub in East Nashville, decided he was going to open another restaurant in Riverside Village he gave me a call to once again help with branding his endeavor. This new restaurant was in part inspired around a trip he had taken recently to New England where David had experienced some really great local seafood shacks, cozy bars, and of course great oysters. An important aspect of the restaurant is the daily changing menu of Alaskan fish, fresh oysters, and local whole hogs prepared on site. We decided to reflect that in the logo by creating a rustic logo that didn't feel too new or slick, but instead felt warm, fun and cozy. 

I early on came up with the idea to mix the anchor and sausage, and David loved the idea. We evolved the idea from there starting with an early design that felt more kitsch retro, into an older and more established look. Something that felt like it would fit right into a small New England fishing village.

From the start of our process we knew that the end result would be a 3 dimensional display similar to what we had done with Mitchell Deli. I had that in mind while I was doing the design work, but beyond that I have to give credit where credit is due. David Pearson (my father) and Scoot Malone at Signs Now in Hendersonville turned my flat vector logo into an amazing hand painted display with multiple levels of depth, and even hand-carved rounded beveled edges. The end result is amazing and definitely an eye catcher. I was there when the sign was installed and numerous passersby commented on how much they liked it. Of course David and I were both thrilled to hear it.

Rudie's Seafood and Sausage is located at 1402 McGavock Pike in Nashville. I highly recommend making a visit!

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Holiday Shipping Schedule

There's still time to get your order by the 25th if you live in the United States. Our Standard shipping method is USPS Priority Mail and has cutoff order date of Friday Dec 19th ordered by 4pm CST. We also offer USPS Priority Express with a cutoff order date of Monday Dec 22nd ordered by 4pm CST

Check for more info. We have added in an extra day of padding from what the post office says, to our order dates to make sure we have time to pack your order, and are more likely to get it to you on time.

*We do not guarantee any delivery dates. We are using USPS's information to give you our best estimate of when to order by.

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Introducing The Grand Budapest Hotel Art Print

Once again I've been invited to participate in the annual "Bad Dads" group art exhibition in tribute to Wes Anderson. For this year's exhibition, I've illustrated the hotel from The Grand Budapest Hotel movie. Get it in the shop here.

As with The Belafonte art print, The Grand Budapest Hotel poster is another highly detailed illustration focusing on the architecture from the film. I really love the attention to detail in Wes' films, and it was a blast to research. I put quite a bit of time into getting all the little things right, so I hope you enjoy.

By now it must be obvious how much fun I have creating Wes Anderson-inspired art. Once again I have also created a video recreating a scene from the Grand Budapest Hotel to accompany my illustration, and explain all the details of the print.

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The Belafonte Print Featured on Apartment Therapy

One of my favorite things to see is Familytree Design artwork in people's homes. It's even more exciting to me when I see one of our art prints in someone's home featured on one of my favorite blogs.

In this case, the blog is Apartment Therapy and the art print is The Belafonte. The blog post is called "Thomas' Modern Minimalist Home" and is a post in their home tour series. Along with some other really cool prints including an autographed Eryka Badu gig poster, The Belafonte is in owner Thomas Davis' entryway. 

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Design Recharge Interview 2

I was interviewed for a second time by Diane Gibbs on her video podcast Design Recharge. We went a little more in-depth on some business and technique topics than in the previous show. 


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Illustrations for The Nashville Scene

Local alt-weekly newspaper Nashville Scene has been keeping us busy lately. First Familytree was asked to join 24 other Nashville artists to design a one-of-a-kind custom newspaper box in commemoration of the Nashville Scene being on the scene for 25 years. We decided to keep the design Nashville-centric, and chose the architecture of the historic Ryman Auditorium as the subject matter. It is wrapped in a digital print and it is currently on display at the Ryman Auditorium in the lobby. 

Shoutout to   Signs Now   for doing a great print and wrap job.

Shoutout to Signs Now for doing a great print and wrap job.

Then we were asked to do illustration for the cover as well as 4 spot illustrations for the Scene's 25th Annual "You Are So Nashville If..." issue. Which is filled with reader submitted puns and quips about what makes our city so great (and terrible).

The  AMP  is a proposed "high-speed" bus (whatever that means) that will cut through downtown Nashville, and has stirred up quite a bit of controversy and yard signs.

The AMP is a proposed "high-speed" bus (whatever that means) that will cut through downtown Nashville, and has stirred up quite a bit of controversy and yard signs.

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CMA Music Festival 2015 Logo

Our friends at the Country Music Festival were so thrilled with our redesign of their corporate logo and branding, that they asked us to also redesign the logo for the upcoming 2015 CMA Music Festival. 

The CMA Music Festival is a huge country music event that spans 4 days, takes over downtown, showcases hundreds of artists, and attracts hundreds of thousands attendees from all over the globe. Since 2004 ABC has televised the event CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock.

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Art Hanging at Fido

If you live in Nashville maybe you've seen the art of Familytree hanging at Fido, a coffee shop and restaurant in Hillsboro Village. Fido is one of my favorite places to grab a bite and sip some brew, so it's always a pleasure when they ask me to hang Familytree artwork there. Be sure to check out the work of Daniel Holland who is also hanging at Fido right now. He creates huge paintings that have to be seen in person to really take in their scope and feel. 

We always hang at Fido after closing (11pm). Makes for a long night... This also explains why the chairs on on the tables for this photo, just in case you were wondering.

We always hang at Fido after closing (11pm). Makes for a long night... This also explains why the chairs on on the tables for this photo, just in case you were wondering.

Belafonte at Fido

Belafonte at Fido

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Interview on Design Recharge

Last week I was on Design Recharge, which is like a live video podcast for creatives, designers and illustrators. I had a great time on the show talking to the host Diane Gibbs about Familytree, inspiration, and my work process. And for all you cat lovers out there my cat Leeloo got a little face time as well by jumping into my lap to see what was going on. The original interview was live, and viewers were able to watch and submit questions during the show. You can watch the archived video below, or (if you’re like me) just let it play in the background and listen to it like a podcast while you work.

FYI my volume is a little low for the first minute and a half, then gets fixed.

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Belafonte Backorders

Belafonte print backorders will be shipping very soon! We will be receiving new stock on approx Jan 21-23. Orders will be shipped in the order they were received. We expect most orders to be delivered around Jan 27-31. If you have any questions about your order you may contact or call 615-969-8798.


Update 01/21/2013

We received a shipment of prints today as scheduled, but unfortunately a number of them were damaged in transit. We are working with our printer to get replacement prints made and shipped as soon as possible. It will most likely be at least an additional week. We're very sorry for the inconvenience and added delay. 

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Native Magazine Cover

For their January 2014 issue, Native Magazine created a special 2 color print edition, straying from their normal full color format. In a way making it more like an old zine or even a poster. They asked Familytree to illustrate a cover and decorate the inside with some custom whimsical creatures.

Native cover-2664 small.jpg

Illustration process of the January 2014 Native Magazine cover by Alex Pearson. Music: "Rano Pano" by Mogwai

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Deer of Mirkwood Winners


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Deer of Mirkwood poster contest! The results have been tallied, and from the 236 entries among the different social media sites, 5 winners were randomly selected.

Congratulations to: 

Jennifer Brewster

Kory Longfellow

Laura McMullan

Patricia Ellenbogen

Leslie Rose

Each winner will be contacted individually to claim their prize. If any of the winners do not claim their prize by responding and supplying a valid mailing address by Jan 20th, another winner will be chosen at random from the entries.

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Win a Deer of Mirkwood print set

win-deer-mirkwood copy.jpg

You could win a copy of the Deer of Mirkwood print set by helping us get the word out. 

We will be giving away 5 sets of prints, for sharing on one or all of the following social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Here's how it works.

  1. Go to the image or post that Familytree has already created on each respective social media site. 
  2. Share to your connections, like, retweet or tag (specific directions below)
  3. Random winners will be chosen from all the qualifying entries, and contacted to receive their prints.

For Facebook:

Go to this image post and click "Like". Sharing is recommended to help spread the word, but not necessary to win, and does not count as an entry according to Facebook's terms of service.

For Instagram:

Go to this image and like the photo for 1 entry. For an extra entry leave a comment tagging 1-3 friends @theirname you think would like the Deer of Mirkwood prints. Extra tags don't count as extra entries. Let's keep it civil.

For Twitter:

Go to this tweet, and click "Retweet" to your followers:

For Tumblr:

Go to this post and click "Reblog"

For Pinterest:

Go to this Pin and "Repin." Please do not change the Description copy.

More Details:

  • By participating in this contest you are agreeing to its terms and conditions.
  • Shares of your own images or posts will not qualify as entries. For us to track who has shared you must share the posts we have created and specified here.
  • You may share on all 5 of the social media sites, which will count for 5 entries increasing your chances of winning. 
  • Only one winning entry per household. (You can enter on all 5 sites, but you can't win 2 or more sets, or on multiple websites)
  • For "shares" to be valid, the account used, must not be a "dummy" or "fluff" account created just to enter the contest. (Must have followers) Familytree reserves the right to disqualify suspicious accounts from winning. 
  • Entries or shares must be executed by Dec 25, 2013 11:59pm CST to qualify to win.
  • Winners will be contacted through the social channel they shared through on Jan 6, 2014.
  • If winner(s) can not be contacted or does not respond by Jan 20, 2014. Another winner will be chosen.
  • Winners will receive posters by USPS after having responded to winning notification and providing an accurate mailing address. 
  • Winners will be be posted here on this blog after contest has ended.
  • None of the websites mentioned here (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest) are responsible for this contest, or endorse it in any way.
  • Familytree will not be held liable for any damages, lost mail packages, or any other negative outcomes from this contest.
  • Winnings are not eligible for return, exchange or refund of any kind.
  • These terms can be modified without notifying participants.


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The Belafonte - Bad Dad's

The Belafonte by Alex Pearson
The Belafonte by Alex Pearson

My print contribution “The Belafonte” to Spoke Art’s Bad Dads show sold out pretty quick, but fret not! I will be making another edition available here on Familytree after the show ends (end of Nov / beginning of Dec). So check back soon or signup for the email list, or follow on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to know exactly when it's available.

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All t-shirts in stock and shipping immediately

We just got a big pile of t-shirts back from the printer and everything is back in stock now! Including the XL size of the Skull and Crossbars tee which was previously soldout. Most orders will ship same day or next day depending on what time the order is received.

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