Electric Salmon


Electric Salmon

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• 18" x 24"

• Giclee Print

• Illustration by Alex Pearson

• Original illustration used for the cover of Native Magazine

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The electric salmon is an extremely rare and mystical fish. In fact many doubt its existence at all, and those who do will of course never have the privilege of seeing one. Catching an electric salmon is even more uncommon than seeing one. However this does not mean that many men will do just about anything to catch these special fish. You see the electric salmon has a special affinity for coins. Silver in particular. In fact these fish eat coins, and seem to have the ability to store infinite amounts of them within their magical bodies. Some even say that the fish themselves are made of silver. You no doubt can now understand why these fish are highly sought after. These fish incomprehensible ability to store precious metal is only matched by the greed of men's wish to take it from them. To catch one of these valuable fish you must attach a silver hook to your fishing line, and use a silver coin as the bait. Now getting this method to work is another matter completely, because these fish are no fools. Most anglers report that these fish simply snatch the coin from the hook, and swim off unnoticed the victor of the spoils. Yes many a greedy man have lost life fortunes in their pursuits.

Now a word of caution to those wishing to line their pockets with the silver of these fish. I have not yet explained to you why this special salmon is in fact electric. Silver as you may or may not know is the best conductor of electricity among all metals, and these sly salmon use that to their advantage. Yes beware for these fish can deliver a mighty shock indeed (if they need to protect themselves). They are not of an aggressive nature by any means, but they can read the greedy heart of man, and will not give up their treasure easily to the dishonest. 

To the humble, those in true need, and those not looking for selfish gain, the Electric Salmon will reveal themselves readily. Consider yourself a very fortunate soul indeed if you find an Electric Salmon willing to show himself to you. Yes he may just jump into your boat without the need for hook and line. You see these fish can read hearts both greedy and meek. And to the meek in need they gracefully bestow their silver treasure. Filling their boats with all of the coins they contain.